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Wusthof Classic Gourmet 3-Piece Knife Set

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Product Description

9608 Features: -Made in Germany. Includes: -Gift Set Includes: 3 1/2'' Paring Knife, 6'' Utility Knife, 8'' Cook's Knife.

Product Details

  • Amazon Sales Rank: #10098 in Kitchen & Housewares
  • Size: 8 Inch
  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Wüsthof
  • Model: WU9608
  • Released on: 2001-07-31
  • Number of items: 1
  • Dimensions: 1.40" h x 6.00" w x 15.00" l, .1 pounds


  • Indispensable collection covers most cutting needs
  • Includes 8-inch cook's, pointed 3.5-inch paring, and 6-inch sandwich knives
  • Forged high-carbon stainless steel blades, hand-honed for razor-like sharpness
  • Traditional-style composition handles are triple-riveted for strength and permanence
  • Dishwasher safe

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Customer Reviews

Most helpful customer reviews

223 of 230 people found the following review helpful.
Good Starter Set, Look Carefully at Knife Selections
By D
There are really two main competitors in the high-end mainstream kitchen knife market: Henckels and Wusthof. Those who have used both usually have a preference. My preference (and therefore bias you should know about) is for the Wusthofs.
The Wusthof Classic line is the more conservative counterpart to the Grand Prix line. The only difference, however, is the handle style. I personally prefer the Grand Prix, but this is an issue of personal preference. The balance and grip of these knives are as close to perfect as I have found. For those wondering what benefits a higher priced knife provides, one benefit is that the blade (or tang) is one piece all the way through the handle. This makes the blade much stronger, and less likely to snap.
This set includes an 8 inch chef's knife, a 3 ½ inch paring knife and a 6 inch sandwich knife.
The 8 inch chef's knife, is a great knife. Wusthof offers four sizes of chef's knives in the Classic line, 5, 6, 8 and 10 inch. For most home cooks, I think the 8 inch knife is the best choice. The 5 and 6 inch are a bit small for bigger jobs, but the 10 inch is too big for most jobs. While the 8 inch isn't perfect for all uses, if you are only buying one size chef's knife (and most people only buy one), this is the one I would recommend.
As for the 3 ½ inch paring knife, this knife falls into the category of overkill for me. Most cooks will get by just fine with the 4 ½ inch utility knife. There is really no notable difference in size for the vast majority of applications between the 3 ½ inch paring knife and the 4 ½ inch utility knife. I prefer the 4 ½ inch utility knife, but the 3 ½ inch paring knife will do the trick.
I have found very few uses for the 6 inch sandwich knife. I prefer the larger size of the chef's knife or the smaller 4 ½ inch utility knife. This knife is just the wrong width and length for most tasks.
This set is a good deal; however, if compiling a set myself, I would include the chef's knife, the 4 ½ inch utility knife, and the 9 inch bread knife. Judge for yourself.

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The right three knives for the new cook
By Warren J. Dew
Wusthof makes the best knife blades in the business, and in my opinion the best quality knives. Cheaper knives generally dull more quickly, and some never get truly sharp at all. Wusthof knives, in contrast, get clean, exact cuts every time, and are a joy to use.

The "Wusthof Classic" style of this set, with the three rivets attaching the black composite handle pieces to the full length tang of the blade, used to be the only style of handle Wusthof made. Wusthof now makes several other styles, including the slightly less expensive "Grand Prix" line with a molded handle, and the much more expensive "Culinar" line with stainless steel handles. If you have money to burn, you might want to look at the Culinar line, but for most people, the Wusthof Classic knives are likely the best tradeoff between money and quality.

The three knives in this set are the ideal knives for a brand new cook with no existing kitchen equipment. The chef's knife and the paring knife are needed in any well equipped kitchen; the "sandwich knife" is a compromise that can substitute, albeit imperfectly, for any of three or four other special purpose knives.

Amazon currently lists the Wusthof classic chef's knife in six different sizes; the 8" blade size is one of the sizes I own, and it works well for almost any cutting task in the kitchen. There are times when it feels like a larger size might work even better, such as when dealing with a large roast or turkey, but the 8" always seems to be sufficient in the end; there really aren't any times when I want a smaller chef's knife for general purpose use.

Paring - for example, peeling potatoes - is more of a special purpose task, for which a specialized knife is really superior. The 3.5" blade length in this set may seem short, but it's short for a reason. Often while one is using the paring knife in one hand, one is holding the object being cut in the other. The short blade length makes it easier to avoid stabbing oneself while maneuvering both the knife and the object.

The 6" knife is a little different. Unlike the other two knives in this set, the 6" knife is really only perfect for a very limited set of tasks. Its strength is that it can substitute, if a bit imperfectly, for a variety of other knives that may be missing from the kitchen of a brand new cook. For example, it can be used for utility tasks that require more than the 3.5" blade length of the paring knife - which is to say, most utility tasks - if the cook doesn't already have a 4" or 4.5" utility knife. It can also be used, in a pinch, when what the cook really wants is a second chef's knife - for example, to cut fresh vegetables for a salad when it wouldn't be hygienic to reuse the big chef's knife that was just used on raw meat. The 6" knife won't be perfect for these tasks, but it will work, and will be much better than no knife at all.

As the new cook collects more knives, the 6" knife will likely be used less and less. It won't ever become completely unused - I just used mine this evening, despite having half a dozen other Wusthof knives to choose from, because the 6" length is perfect for slicing a tenderloin roast - but eventually it will become one of the lesser used pieces in the set.

That may make the 6" knife less than cost effective for a cook that already has an established set of kitchen tools. For such a cook, one of the other sets might be better - perhaps the two piece "starter" set with the chef's knife and the paring knife, along with perhaps a Wusthof sharpening steel. For a brand new cook with no kitchen equipment, though, this three piece set is close to perfect, and it is the set I started my Wusthof collection with, 20 years ago.

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A pleasure to use
By Brian SwanSword
I got so tired of dull knives, I took the plunge and got Wustof. I was surprised how often I use the paring knife. These knives are perfectly balanced, and made with the best construction. The blades are chromium/molybdenum steel, probably the best knife steel available.

I trusted this tried and true brand, and it paid off. These knives stay sharp. They feel like a natural extension of the hand. They're beautifully finished. I was so excited to use them. I took 16 random poor quality knives to the church thrift shop. As it turns out, these three knives are all I need for cooking.

These are lifetime investments. I wish I hadn't have been so cheap for so long.

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