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All-Clad Stainless 14-Inch Fry Pan

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Product Description

Fry with style and grace, and stop worrying about which cooktop you're using with this flexible and high quality frying pan by All-Clad. Near perfect in design, the pan is constructed of three layers of metal; two stainless steel outer layers with an aluminum core. The stainless steel exterior combined with the aluminum core allows the pan to be used on all types of stovetops, including induction, and heats the pan evenly to eliminate hot spots. The classically sloped sides help prevent messes, and when you're finished cooking, the pan can be hung through the handle's eyelet for convenient storage.

Producing some of the finest cookware in the nation, All-Clad has been featured in many high class and gourmet restaurants for its superior performance and aesthetically designed pieces crafted from American artists using the finest metals. A firm believer in quality over convenience, All-Clad's metals are formulated and bonded with cooking performance in mind, and are combined with stunning designs to provide you with the best cooking experience possible.

Product Details

  • Amazon Sales Rank: #95465 in Kitchen & Housewares
  • Size: 14-Inch
  • Brand: All-Clad
  • Model: 5114
  • Dimensions: 4.30" h x 15.20" w x 23.50" l,


  • Professional-size, 14-inch, slope-sided, 2-inch-deep frying pan
  • Three-ply: stainless-steel layers sandwich pure aluminum core for even heating
  • Long, comfortable, stay-cool handle riveted for strength; helper handle, also
  • Dishwasher-safe, but hand-washing recommended
  • Lifetime warranty against defects

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Customer Reviews

Most helpful customer reviews

144 of 147 people found the following review helpful.
A Smaller, Useful Pan
By S. A. Johnson
After getting the 10-inch version of this pan, I found a great deal on the 8-inch pan and picked it up for smaller jobs in the kitchen. This was a great decision.

8 inches *is* small for a lot of cooking and this shouldn't be your primary fry pan but it is great for doing smaller jobs on the side or for cooking up things for one or two people. I use this guy for eggs, meat and more. The pan heats really evenly and feels great in my hand. The handle does a great job of dispersing heat and staying cool, too. And, though it doesn't come with a lid, the medium lid from the All Clad pots fit it well.

When things do stick, I don't worry about attacking it and scratching off the surface. I can use a scraper, sponge, or scouring pad without any problems. Metal can be used but it is more likely to scratch. And it is safe in the dishwasher although I recommend handwashing as much as possible.

Some cooking tips I learned with this type of pan: Use a lower heat, not because you have to (like with non-stick), but because it heats so evenly, you often don't need that higher temperature. Also when you throw something in, whether you are using butter, oil, a spray, or nothing, let it sit and cook a bit before you try to move it around. Hamburger, for example, will adhere to the pan at first and if you try stirring it up right away, small pieces will be stuck and are more likely to burn. Rather, wait until it has a minute or two to cook on that side. The parts that adhere will cook, separate and lift away from the pan so you can stir it easier. And when you are done, if there is any food stuck to the pan, put some water in it and let it boil for a few minutes. This will help lift it off and make cleaning easier.

Again, a great pan, a great brand, and definitely worth the money since it will last you a lifetime with the warranty they give you.

75 of 76 people found the following review helpful.
An impresisive pan and worth the high cost
By T. Tom
This is probably the best fry pan available. You might want a nonstick pan in addition for cooking things that need a nonstick surface such as omlettes, etc. This pan is good for cooking everything that does not require the nonstick surface such as sautés, meat and fish, etc.
The stainless steel shell with aluminium inner core is a great design in that it evenly distributes the heat to all areas of the pan, including the sides. Some cheaper pans only have a heat conducting layer on the bottom of the pan, not on the sides.
I like everything about this pan. It's beautifully made, looks great and performs wonderfully-form follows function. It's the perfect size unless you routinely cook for a large family. I debated getting the 12" version of this pan at first, but when I took a look at the 10" I realized it will be fine for 99% of my cooking.
I admire good manufacturing of quality products. This pan is true quality through and throughout and should last you a long long time.

127 of 135 people found the following review helpful.
Great, the second time around...
By C. Carbone
I was very hesitant to spend close to $160 on a single fry pan, but I had heard so many good things about All-Clad and thought it would be a wise investment. For the first 6 months, the pan was great. I loved the large size and used it often. I was just about ready to invest in an entire set of All-Clad cookware when my pan warped. I was using it on an electric stove as usual, and the pan just simply warped. I was thoroughly disappointed that a $160 pan would warp during normal use. I won't be spending this kind of money again.

****Follow-up. I contacted All-Clad regarding the warped pan-they had me send it in for evaluation, and yesterday a brand new one showed up at my door. I'm impressed at their customer service and the fact that they stand behind their product.

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