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Cuisinart DLC-2014N PowerPrep Plus 14-Cup Capacity Food Processor, White

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Product Description

The biggest and most powerful of the new generation of food processors, the Cuisinart Power Prep Plus model features a 14-cup bowl, the largest on the market, and the most powerful motor of any Cuisinart. Chops, grates, mixes, kneads, minces, slices, shreds and purees with ease. The perfect kitchen companion for the serious cook, it has an oversized feed tube and is compatible with all existing Cuisinart blades and disks. Makes a great addition to any kitchen and a very special wedding gift. 10-year manufacturer's motor warranty.

Product Details

  • Amazon Sales Rank: #52647 in Kitchen & Housewares
  • Size: 14-Cup
  • Color: White
  • Brand: Cuisinart
  • Model: DLC-2014N
  • Dimensions: 15.50" h x 11.00" w x 8.00" l, 17.50 pounds


  • 14-cup work bowl offers maximum capacity
  • Wide mouth feed tube shortens prep time
  • Touchpad Dough Control and PowerPrep dough blade make dough quickly
  • Custom spatula, recipe book, and how-to video included
  • 10-year motor warranty

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Customer Reviews

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148 of 149 people found the following review helpful.
A Cook's Dream Machine--still going, 12 years later
By K. G. Schneider
Edit, May 29, 2013: Well, the stem for the grating blades broke today and I was just sure that would mean I would have to buy a new Cuisinart. But the part is available for under $20! While I'm glad to save money I admit I was wondering if it was time to get a shiny new processor. But really, 12 years, and this thing is still a cookin' machine. Note: Amazon says I bought this in November 2011. It was September, I remember quite well. What a fabulous investment it was!

Edit, September 12, 2011: Just have to note that I have replaced the workbowl once but this machine is still going strong, and continues to get daily use. Its blades are as sharp as the day they came out of the box. The plastic over the buttons is worn from use... no big deal. When (or perhaps if) this food processor dies, I'll get the next-gen Cuisinart 14-cup and get multiple bowls in different sizes.

Original review (Jan, 2002):

I bought this machine using a gift certificate from my last place of employment plus a little of my own dinero, and have been absolutely thrilled with it. It has flawlessly and effortlessly kneaded pasta dough, mixed a double batch of heavy gingerbread cookie dough, grated parmesan cheese to a fine powder, rescued slightly lumpy gravy, whisked together cornbread in seconds, and most recently sliced a variety of vegetables for tossed salad for 25 people (which I was requested to bring to a party--I am not a "salad person," so I was tickled when everyone praised my contribution!). I had never used a food processor for slicing, but it did a beautiful job with bell peppers and cucumbers--artfully thin, but not too fine a cut. As promised, it even did a fine job mincing just a couple of garlic cloves and also a handful of parsley, meaning that I could do a dinner's worth of food-processing in just one machine.

The accompanying video can only be watched by people who take food equipment seriously; other family members had to be asked to leave the room during the viewing, as there was much giggling about the over-earnest instructions. Nevertheless, I picked up some fabulous tips about using the Cuisinart, and recommend you sit (alone, or with a true believer) and watch it beginning to end.

The surface of the machine is very easy to clean, and Cuisinart recommends the dishwasher for the bowl and blades. Do be careful with the latter--Cuisinart should really include the disk holder, as it is dangerous to leave these accessories lying around in a kitchen drawer.

This is the third food processor I have owned, and though I mourned the demise of my trusty Panasonic (rated highly by Consumer Reports ten years ago), with this high-end Cuisinart I have "been to Paree" and have no intention of going back to the farm. If you do any industrial-strength cooking, or if you (like me) are sold on using a food processor as a high-powered, self-contained unit for basic mixing duties, this is a wonderful accomplice in your prandial ventures. Bravo Cuisinart!

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Make room on the counter, you'll use it a lot
By J. Huntington
I bought my DLC-2014 when replacement parts for my 15-year-old Bosch became too hard to find. I was encouraged by the Cuisinart reputation and the outstanding reviews it received, and wasn't disappointed when it arrived.
The machine is heavy- no more posting a kid by the counter to make sure it doesn't walk off if I have to step away for a few seconds. It's aerodynamically smooth on the outside, so it's a snap to clean. I don't buy many things that I have to wash by hand and everything but the base can be put into the dishwasher. I use it very frequently, and often find myself making, for example, 3 batches of bread dough in quick succession rather than pull out and assemble my big mixer. (I feel that the processor does tend to heat bread dough up a little, so I might recommend adjusting the temperature of the water in recipes.)
I was devastated the one time I had problems with it - my 7 year old was mixing cookie dough in it and it just stopped and simply would not start again. I suspect she must have put in ingredients in the wrong order. I felt a little better when I looked in the manual and saw that there is a 10-year warranty on the motor, and was overjoyed later when, after I gave it sufficient time to cool off, it worked as if it were new.
My biggest complaint about the processor, and this did not keep me from giving it a "5", is that with normal household use, the cover and pusher assembly have developed some cracks which, so far, have not affected performance. The white plastic piece on the work bowl handle is loose, too, and if it comes off completely it may end up causing me to replace the bowl, as it shields the locking mechanism. A friend has commented that she has been similarly disappointed with her Cuisinart processor. I don't coddle the parts; perhaps they were dropped at some point or had some heavy dishes placed on top of them in the sink, or it could have been stress cracks caused by the heat of the dishwasher (though I always place them on the top rack). Whatever the reason, I never expected the Lexan parts to show this much wear so quickly. After looking unsuccessfully for replacement bowls and covers at various online sites, I finally found that I could order them directly from Cuisinart. The price for a complete bowl and cover assembly shocked me- about a third of what I paid for the whole processor. Will I buy the parts, at what I feel are too steep prices? Of course. I have to. I won't even wait until the ones I have now become unusable, because that might mean going for a week without it, and I am just too dependent on it to take chances.

Update: My Cuisinart is now about 10 years old and I'm going to have to replace it. The plastic membrane button covers have been cracked/worn off for about 7 years; though unsightly, this did not affect the machine's performance, at least until now. I have noticed that over the last six months or so that it would make small switching noises, as if it was turning itself on - very creepy, particularly in that I only notice it late at night, when the house is dead quiet. I now leave it unplugged when not using it. The buttons have stopped working. The machine still works, but not to pulse or at the slower dough speed; my options are limited to plugged in (on) and unplugged (off). In retrospect, it has been a solid, useful appliance. I know there are people who talk about their Cuisinarts lasting for 20 years or more, but, having used it on average every other day for more than 10 years I have to say I got my money's worth out of it.

After looking around a lot, I've decided to replace it with a (drumroll, please) DLC2014! I have a nice collection of optional slicing/grating disks and a bowl, cover and pushers that are almost new. The cost has come down so much that I would be foolish not to. I suspect that replacement parts will be around for a while, as the Limited Edition Metal(tm) 14-Cup Food Processor MP-14N uses many of the same parts. As much as I long for a new toy, I think I'd be just as happy with 10 years with another Power Prep Plus.

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goddess of the kitchen
By A Customer
Oh My God! I love this machine!! I researched and researched til my fingers were numb and found this little beauty to be top of the line. I have literally used it every single day since then. I have no complaints except that the machine moves a little when pulsing- but that is just because of it's exceptional power, so there really is no complaint there. I have sliced, diced, mixed dough, chopped my way into several recipes and they have been outstanding.
The DLC-2014 comes with a new feeding system, wider mouth, which is fabulous....there is a new dough button which has proven to be exceptional in mixing dough in (literally) SECONDS!!! It is a little tricky to make sure not to overprocess onions and such because it is so powerful, but once you get the hang of it is is simple. I DEFINATELY recommend this processor to everyone. I also recommend the blade/disc holder since storing the blades is literally impossible. They are so sharp and abnormal shaped to store in any drawer, and protection is a consideration. Have fun with this baby!

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